Haison Partners and Products

In co-operation with our partners, Haison distribute the following products and systems:

The full list of our current suppliers are listed in separate tabs at the menu above.

It is a nature of a System Integration Project to have various and different type of products from different suppliers. We could provide most of the following products but not limited to that depending on the scope of work and the customer’s preference.

  • DCS/ SCADA/ Controllers/ Computers/ Control Power Distribution
  • Operator Interface Stations, Electrical Devices / Sensors / Field Instruments
  • Networking Components, Signal Conditioning and Isolation Components
  • Hazardous Area Safety Device, Power Distribution System, Control Panels
  • Control Valves, Emergency Shutdown Valves, Offshore Choke and safety valves

In case you need any particular products that are not listed above, please feel free to contact us and we could out source for you from our extensive network of associates locally and globally.