R. STAHL offers an extensive program. It includes electrical devices, like terminal boxes, plugs and sockets, control boxes, fluorescent light fittings and emergency light fittings as well as modern signal equipment, measurement and control equipment like safety barriers, isolators (Ispac) and remote I/O (I.S.1) in type of protection intrinsic safety.

With the transition of the European Directive ATEX 95 (in former times ATEX 100a) dust explosion protection has been raised to the same high safety level as gas explosion protection.

  • Equipment for Conduit Installations: Cable Glands and Bushings - Bell Mouthed Glands - Bushings - Stopping Plugs - Counter Nuts - Flat Rings - Enlargements - Reducers - Adaptors – Breathing Glands
  • Instrumentation: Safety barriers- I.S. Isolators with galvanic isolation - Remote I/O - Operating and monitoring- Instrumentation systems
  • Operating and Monitoring Systems: Terminals for Hazardous Areas and Industrial Areas Performance Class IPC, Visualisation, Graphics, Text, Software
  • Instrumentation Systems: Equipment Technology - Services
  • Lighting Technology: Light Fittings for Fluorescent Lamps - Emergency Light Fittings - Bulkhead Light Fittings - Pendant Light Fittings - Flood Lights- Hand Lamps - Mounting Material - Emergency Lighting Technology
  • Installation Equipment: Installation Switches - Junction Boxes - Terminal Boxes - Plugs and Sockets - Couplers - Coupler Sockets - Socket-Outlet Assemblies - Maintenance Socket Isolators
  • Control Equipment: Position Switches - Control Equipment for Panel Mounting - Control Unit Systems- Control Stations - Alarm- and Fire Stations - Components for Control Stations - Temperature Controllers - Signalling and Monitoring Equipment - CCTV Camera - Traffic Lights - Optical Beacons - Horns - Measuring and Monitoring Equipment for Panel Mounting
  • Load and Motor Switchgear: Safety Switches - Load and Motor Switches - Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
  • Control Panels, Distribution Panels and Components: EEx e-Enclosures - EEx d Enclosures - Lighting and Heating Panels - Standard Motor Starters - Pressurized Apparatus -Components - Sample Assemblies