Project Execution

Our services include consulting for automation planning and spec development, through system equipment selection and project management, to electrical and instrumentation, mechanical systems engineering and design, programming, field installation & start-up, training and long-term support.

We are providing a well-rounded technical staff.

In today’s market, it is not feasible to just provide a technically competent engineer to execute a project.

Hai Son takes pride in designing and implementing our solutions with well-rounded engineers.

Our engineers are trained and mentored to provide a total package. This package includes everything from technical expertise to excellent communication skills.


Hai Son takes pride in understanding the customer’s needs and provides solutions that meet those needs. It is our goal to provide engineering and integration solutions that give your company a competitive advantage. In order to meet this goal, it is critical to design solutions that fit.

We accomplishes these designs by examining all aspects of our customers’ projects.

1) Consulting service  

  • Consulting Services for new control system selection and implementation
  • Consulting Service for migration of legacy system to the most suitable system available

2) Designing service

  • Control Panel Design
  • Instrumentation Design
  • P&ID Design/ Development

Design to meet our customers’ needs

Key personnel within Haison have experience with Control & Instrumentation design not just data cabling. Therefore, we understand the whole network requirement and can design the appropriate solution. All designs conform to current standards with consideration for: Performance, input/ output count, location of process equipment and overall layout.

Each project has its own specific requirements.  The following items are some common deliverables from the scope and definition phase.

– Process Flow Diagrams
– Mass and Energy Balances
– Equipment specification
– Consideration of multiple options to meet the end goal
– Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
– Equipment Arrangements
– Instrumentation Summary
– Preliminary Electrical Design
– Preliminary Project Schedule
– Licensing and Permit Research
– Project Cost Estimate

Project Management

Haison project management methodology and tools ensure that projects stay on schedule and within budget, and adhere to technical specifications.

Our comprehensive engineering and installation services include field surveys, analytical and field instrument design and installation, hot cutover, plant-wide process control network design, control room design, hardware architecture design, field design documentation, regulatory and complex loop configuration, emergency/fail safe system design, PLC and SCADA system design, subsystem integration, factory and site testing, and commissioning.

  • From initial concept through to completion, the project will be overseen by a project manager with the proven ability to plan and achieve critical milestones.
  • In support, Haison employs a highly trained and motivated work force that allows for flexibility in meeting “real time” changes to customers’ requirements in terms of time scale or system design.
  • Project manager’s responsibilities start with agreeing the project requirements on receiving the customer’s order. Start and completion dates are agreed with the customer beforehand and an installation team assigned.
  • If any deviations arise during the installation the customer is notified and an action plan agreed.

Our project manager will work with you every step of the way to ensure our project exceeds your expectations.


Haison help our customers to streamline the key processes of supply chain management to provide a user-friendly procurement system that

  • Source out the best suitable equipments for the system (Compliance)
  • Cost Analysis
  • Multi Vendors quotations

The solution will be fully costed providing a single price for the complete system.

Every project is treated as a one off, designing solutions to align properly with the customer’s operational aims and objectives.

It is a nature of a System Integration Project to have various and different type of products from different suppliers. We could provide most of the following products but not limited to that depending on the scope of work and the customer’s preference.

  • DCS/ SCADA/ Controllers/ Computers/ Control Power Distribution
  • Operator Interface Stations, Electrical Devices / Sensors / Field Instruments
  • Networking Components, Signal Conditioning and Isolation Components
  • Hazardous Area Safety Device, Power Distribution System, Control Panels
  • Control Valves, Emergency Shutdown Valves, Offshore Choke and safety valves
  • Automatic Tank Gauging System: Servo, Radar, Mechanical, Fuels Inventory Management and Terminal Automation System

In case you need any particular products that are not listed above, please feel free to contact us and we could out source for you from our extensive network of associates locally and globally.

Installation & Commissioning

Haison offers an installation and commissioning service to customers who want turnkey project.

Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Field Engineers

When Haison is responsible for installation of equipment, our staff’s detailed product knowledge ensures a seamless and effective transfer from the design and manufacturing phase to the installation phase.

Our site managers are the key to your project’s success.

All are highly experienced professionals who manage a team of skilled engineers to provide you high quality service.

Our integrated commissioning team offers the advantages of a single point of responsibility for the commissioning of the entire project.


In collaboration with our principals, we offer various training courses on our products, including Honeywell Process Automation College provides global training facilities. Whether you’re an operator, a process engineer, a chemical engineer, a maintenance technician, or the plant manager, Honeywell’s Automation College facilities provides classes that pertain to how you will use that product in your job. We’ll give you the specific skills you need to make the transition to your own particular work setting. Courses can take place at one of our training facilities or at the customer site.

Haison also offers R Stahl Explosion Protection and Explosion Proof Training and Education classes via teleconference Webinars, group industry sessions, or customized Customer training classes.  Listed below are some of the certified educational classes available to our end-customers.

  • Understanding ATEX Directives
  • IEC Ex Basics of Explosion Protection
  • Comparison of NEC and IEC Explosion Protection
  • Basics of Intrinsic Safety

Maintenance and Repair

Haison Engineering Services (HES)

Our aim is to supply a quality service with a professional approach and control system.

In 2010, we have launched new business to do engineering services for maintenance and repair of industrial equipments in plants including:

1. Instrumentation and electrical devices like pressure, temperature, flow and level transmitters and switches, etc.

2. Mechanical equipments including rotary and and static equipments like pumps, valves, etc. HES handles all major pump repairs, rotating equipment repairs and replacement parts for large pumps. All rotating assemblies are balanced to G-1 specifications.

Our staff includes a team of knowledgeable technicians that are on-hand to answer any questions you have and find a solid resolution to your concerns or needs. Call us today and let HES supply you with the equipment or refurbished equipment to fit your needs.