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Haison provide Solutions for Product Movement / Transfer In collaboration with Hint Engineering B.V. in the Netherlands, we provide Solutions for Product Movement/ Transfer. Hint provides Engineering and ICT solutions for national and international customers in the oil, gas, petrochemicals and general process industries and for business service providers. Many of our solutions address product transfers, products entering or leaving the plant's boundaries, where qualities and quantities need to be accurately monitored, accounted and controlled, as quality and quantity giveaways result in giving away money.
Haison provide Control Valves for Process Industries Samson Control Valves Solution, we are distributor for SAMSON, a name recognized as a synonym for high-quality work, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength. The company is not only known for Control Valves but also a complete product line in instrumentation and controls, the most modern integrated automation systems. The field of expertise extends from heating and air-conditioning technology to applications in the largest chemical plants. SAMSON operates wherever there is controlled flow of vapors, gases, liquids, chemicals...
Haison provide Explosion Protection Solution for Hazardous Area Explosion Protection Solution, we are distributor for R. STAHL, who has decades of experience in explosion protection and master all types of protection for electrical explosion safety.  R.STAHL is a world leading manufacturer of explosion protected equipment. We are your partner for solutions to problems focusing on explosion protection. As a leading supplier of components and systems, we are able not only to provide you with the right product but also to develop a tailor-made, efficient system for your needs together with you.
Haison provide Intergrated Terminal Automation Solution Intergrated Terminal Automation Solution, we provide the solution based on  the Honeywell Enraf proven Solution. Honeywell provides an integrated solution to meet all terminal management needs, however large or small. We provide an integrated solution that delivers value from conception to implementation for all types of distribution and bulk terminals, such as refinery off-sites, biofuel storage and distribution, petrochemical storage and loading facilities, and marine, rail and truck loading terminals.
Haison provide Tank Gauging and Inventory Management Solution Tank Gauging and Inventory Management System, we help you to get Total Visibility of Your Bulk Liquid Assets Throughout Your Supply Chain. We provides deep domain knowledge for liquid petroleum asset management across bulk storage facilities, marketing terminals, refineries, petrochemical plants and military fuel facilities. Our measurement, control and automation products and services are fully integrated with our enterprise solutions to provide complete visibility of liquid petroleum assets across your supply chain.
Haison provide Industrial Automation and Process Control Solution We offer a complete range of systems for specific market segments including oil & gas, power and process industries, etc. while our products have universal applications for many industries. We have been providing full services of systems integration since 2000. Key to our early success is providing our customers with experienced and quality professionals in the area of instrumentation and electrical contracting, plant maintenance, process instrumentation & control systems engineering and project management.  
Our Products Instrumentation


Drexel Brook is the world leader of Level Measurement and Control Solution.

  • Continuous Level Measurement
  • Point Level Measurement
  • Receivers
  • Wireless Interface Solutions
Oil & Gas Solutions

Our RF Admittance point and continuous level instruments have met the extreme environments found in oil refineries, offshore platforms and chemical plants for 50 years. Drexelbrook has a wide selection of products and technology offerings, and the expertise to apply them, affording Drexelbrook the unique position to provide the best possible solution to meet the instrumentation requirements specific to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

Coal & Fly Ash Solutions

Our point level switches and continuous level transmitters are designed to meet the extreme environments of power plants and coal yards. Our sensors are maintenance free, durable and reliable. We also offer Radar, TDR, Ultrasonic, and Vibration level measurement instruments.

Pac Logo

PAC is an international manufacturing and service organization, with a diverse catalog of over 250 petroleum, petrochemical, environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial analysis solutions. We provide advanced testing equipment for laboratory, process on-line and field use.

PAC is offering analytical solutions for a wide variety of applications, including: Total and speciated Nitrogen & Sulfur, Chromatographic Systems and Detectors, Physical properties testing, like Viscosity, Volatility, Cold Flow Behaviour and much more.

SOR Process Instrumentation

SOR Pressure Switches have been the industry gold standard for more than 60 years and are suitable for a wide variety of continuous pressure applications. SOR pressure switches and transmitters can be custom engineered to fit specific application requirements by selecting optional components, such as switching elements, diaphragm systems or pressure ports.

SOR Level Switches are either float- or displacer-operated. These rugged products feature few or no moving parts and are available with flanged or sealed chambers or as insertion models. SOR level switches and transmitters can be custom engineered to fit specific application requirements by selecting optional components, such as switch type and number, housing type, chamber material, process connections, accessories and more.

SOR Temperature Switches consist of a pressure switch that has a sealed temperature sensing bulb attached directly to the pressure port. Corrosive service or particular customer requirements may require custom engineered, optional components such as housings, switching elements and accessories.

SOR Flow Switches are either vane operated or thermal differential. Vane-operated switches are magnetically actuated and designed for direct sensing of liquid flow in pipelines. Thermal differential switches measure liquid flow, level or interface by sensing changes in the thermal heat transfer characteristics of the media where it is located.

SOR Nuclear Switches are specifically targeted to meet the demands and provide solutions for the nuclear power generation industry. Many older nuclear power plants are now confronted with discontinued or obsolete product issues. At SOR, we can custom engineer a variety of 1E-qualified mechanical pressure, vacuum, and temperature switches to meet your specifications.