In collaboration with Hint Engineering B.V. in the Netherlands, we provide Solutions for Product Movement/ Transfer.

Hint provides Engineering and ICT solutions for national and international customers in the oil, gas, petrochemicals and general process industries and for business service providers.

Many of our solutions address product transfers, products entering or leaving the plant's boundaries, where qualities and quantities need to be accurately monitored, accounted and controlled, as quality and quantity giveaways result in giving away money.

  • Analyser Management Solutions
    Hint analyser management solutions use advanced statistical calculations to monitor the health and validity of the analyser results. These solutions can complement metering applications, but are equally valuable to support the analysers in advanced multivariable control schemes in refining and (petro) chemicals, by preventing control decisions based on erroneous analytical data.

  • Metering Solutions
    Hint metering solutions handle metering and accounting of gas and liquids. Our solution based on a PC based flow computer system handle flow correction according to AGA and ISO for all common metering principles. A key market is product re-allocation in on- and off-shore for Oil and Gas fields.

  • Metering Atlas
    Wide area information systems combine on-line information for geographically distributed locations with management information retrieved from higher level business en engineering systems. Metering Atlas applications in Oil & Gas on/offshore fields can significantly reduce maintenance both in the field and for the IT applications for data processing.

  • Product Loading Solutions
    Hint product loading solutions automate the operation of product terminals in refineries, petrochemical plants, and for chemical facilities. Hint provides solutions for loading product into trucks, trains, barges and pipelines. Issues include vehicle / driver identification, traffic control, access control, tank farm monitoring and - at the office level - accounting and billing.


Technical Database Applications
The huge number of assets required in Oil & Gas technical installations that need to operate safely, with a minimum chance for breakdown can benefit from on- and offline IT solutions. Hint solutions include database systems for keeping track of equipment reliability, support systems for the procurement department, tools for standardisation of instruments, control and process connections.

Automation Projects
Hint can be your partner for automation projects projects on DCS and/or PLC SCADA platforms with full financial and technical responsibility. Frequently we also work as part of a vendor team, whereby we integrate Hint products as part of the total automation solution.

Software Engineering
The strength of Hint in software engineering is our focus on the areas where business / office applications interact with real-time process applications.